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"Bike99" is an association born in 2007 out of a group of professional bike instructors and their love for biking and nature. Our location is in Abruzzo - L'Aquila.

We aim at the improvement of tourism and sport underlining the social and environmental aspects lying beneath it. Our main objective is to carry out a strategic plan focused on learning, training, and fostering a "Culture of Cycling". In this view, riding a mountain bike is not an end in itself, but a means of integration between user and territory, between biker and environment.

We have selected a network of cycle tracks which supports our idea of a new kind of "sustainable cycling" for tourism as well as for sport.
This is the reason why Bike99 promotes cycling tours within Abruzzo in general, and L'Aquila in particular, where routes are unique and stretch through WWF natural oasis and national parks and reserves: "Parco del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga", "Parco della Maiella", "Parco regionale del Sirente Velino", and "Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo".

The cycling tours are organized and guided by professional instructors and present different levels of difficulty according to the skill of the excursionists. We offer recreational routes along with adventure ones; few hours tours along with bike trekking lasting more than one day. The tours are organized both for road bikes as well as for mountain bikes. Some example.

- educational routes meant for families and groups of children in order to improve an awareness of territory and environment experiencing the interaction with local heritage both artistic and naturalistic (museums, botanical gardens, ancient mills and castles, natural oasis and reserves, etc.).
- cooperation with Tour Operators to support groups of tourists coming from abroad guiding them to get familiar with our naturalistic beauties, our traditions, gastronomical specialities, and culture.
- specific experiences for team building, where the activities can be personalized according to your preferences: horse trekking, bike trekking, mountain trekking, climbing, skiing.


Along with hotels, we can provide different and special accommodation: ancient castles, hostels and refuges offering unique mountain landscapes.

- English speaking personnel;
- equipment, technical and logistic assistance (Bicycle, van, etc );
- Bike rental: road bikes and mountain bikes (also on line);

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